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The I Ching is a formidable psychological system that endeavours to organize the play of archetypes... into a certain pattern, so that a reading becomes possible. (C.G. Jung)

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle, rooted in a shamanic tradition almost four thousand years old. Its images are a map of the dynamics of archetypal energies in and around us.

The most effective way to come to understand this map and become familiar with it is by using it as a mirror, by opening a dialogue with it about a concrete situation we are presently involved in. We shall read the images the oracle reflects back to us as if they were a dream offered in connection with the specific question we have asked. 

This will allow hidden symbolic dimensions of our situation to emerge to consciousness - and this enlarged perspective will help us align our choices with the flow of the "great river", with the movement of Tao, and to act in a more aware and responsible way.

Some part of the work consists of:

  • An introduction to the I Ching and to the concept of synchronicity.

  • Formulating individual questions to the oracle

  • Learning the yarrow stalk consultation procedure

  • Interrogating the oracle

  • Reading the answers

  • Becoming the I Ching alive in nature

The text we shall use is The Original I Ching: The Eranos I Ching Project

A revised edition of the previous one of 2005, translated by Rudolf Ritsema and Shantena Sabbadini (Watkins Publishing, London, 2005; 2018), the result of half a century of I Ching scholarship by Rudolf Ritsema and of a decade of oracular studies conducted also by Shantena Sabbadini in the Round Table Sessions at Eranos, Ascona, Switzerland.

The Eranos I Ching allows the participants…

  • To deepen their knowledge of the I Ching

  • To understand the specific characteristics of the Eranos I Ching and its unique contributions

  • To look within, taking the time they need to formulate their questions to the Oracle

  • To enquire into the meanings of their answer by receiving a personal attention

  • etc…

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