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During the autumn and winter seasons we are open to celebrate with you Conferences and Dialogues, Workshops and Seminars, among other activities.


We promote collective processes of reflection about topics of current interest, through talks given by experts and through participation and dialogue.


Dialogues on Quantum Physics: Exploring the Mind-Matter Relationship, with Shantena Sabbadini

curso “Radically Thinking as a Species” de Ulex South y La Bolina jpg.jpg

 “Radically Thinking as Species” with the association La Bolina (Saleres)


We offer you a space to learn some local traditions.


Cooking with chestnuts (in season). Inspired by the Alpujarra Mauraca Festival, collecting chestnuts and roasting them over a bonfire. Chestnuts are very versatile in the kitchen and with them we can prepare numerous dishes, both sweet and savory, use them to enrich broths, prepare cakes, custards, creams and many other dishes, as is well know in the Alpujarra, chestnut land par excellence. Healthy, nutritious and tasty, don’t let their season pass without enjoying them.

Recursos naturales y tradiciones_edited.jpg

Medicinal and culinary plants (condimentary and edible). The medicinal, culinary, religious, veterinary, and even magical use of the flora of the Alpujarras has been carried out since ancient times. We are talking about a wide variety of plants such as dandelion, collejas, thyme, lavender, garlic joint, etc..., which you can learn to recognize and, above all, to use.


Bioconstruction. Stone and mud are the traditional building materials of the Alpujarra farmhouses. Given the current demands of respect for the environment and bioclimatic control, stone walls and adobe are once again important in construction. Although during the second half of the 20th century this knowledge was lost due to a lack of intergenerational transmission of knowledge, today many of us are recovering this noble trade.

Reforestation of native species and cleaning of forests. The chestnut groves have been very significant in the agriculture and landscape of the mountains that surround us for centuries. Due to the progressive abandonment of agricultural and forestry use and the depopulation of rural areas, this richness has been lost. That is why we are committed to replanting the most affected areas. Similarly, due to climate change, the clearing and cleaning of the forest undergrowth is essential to prevent fires.

With your involvement and help we will join forces!


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